On October 5th 2017 the law on financial statements was finally published in Suriname.

The National Assembly (DNA) adopted the Act on the Annual Account with 38 general votes. This law is one of the flanking laws that must help promote transparency and good governance. The law also contributes to combating corruption.

The annual accounts are a final financial report of a legal person, which must be prepared annually. She provides insight into the financial situation of the company and / or activities in a financial year.

Melvin Bouva, vice-president of parliament, congratulated society on this milestone. He sees the approved law as a good start to transparency and good governance. Control of the companies is also necessary because they can only benefit from this.

Bouva welcomes the fact that this law benefits the economic and social sector of our country. Amzad Abdul (NDP) said that the parliament in the public committee meeting and the plenary meeting had properly explained all matters.

The Minister of Trade, Industry and Tourism, Ferdinand Welfare, has taken almost all proposals and comments from DNA into consideration.

Asiskumar Gajadien (VHP) noted that this law will have a huge impact. Companies will incur costs to meet their accountability, but transparency will only make businesses better. Thus, according to him, the management will become more professional.

William Waidoe (PL) said that companies should not just be blinded by the additional costs. According to him, transparency will open doors for collaboration with other companies.

Carl Breeveld (DOE) indicated that parliamentarians put a lot of time into their work to realize a good legal product. For him, acting with integrity is only for the benefit of society.

Minister Soewarto Moestadja said as a government coordinator that the approval of the Law on Annual Accounts is a step in the further organization of the financial sector. He thanked all the actors who contributed to the preparation and realization of the law. (GFC)
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